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Indian Education

December Newsletter

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HS Tutoring Schedule

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List of Student Services

Contact Information:

Cindy Weaver

Indian Education Director

918-786-3003 Ext. 1107


Kristi Collington

Program Coordinator

Cultural Specialist/Teacher

918-786-3003 Ext. 1124


Paige Yarborough

Cultural Specialist/Teacher

918-786-3003 Ext. 1214


Charlotte Bergman

Indian Education Secretary

918-786-3003 Ext. 1110



Greater Tulsa Indian Arts Festival Winners

Savannah Briscoe – 1st Place (painting)

Ostin Oden – 1st Place (pottery)

Alaynna Silvers – 2nd Place (stickball sticks)

Adarren Bruel – 2nd Place (painting)

Tabby Jackson – 3rd Place (color pencil drawing)

Logan Hargrove – 3rd Place (painting)

Svannah Briscoe – 3rd Place (pottery)


Cherokee Nation JOM Art Competition Winners

Micah Allen , 3D Art – First Place 

Macie Hocutt, Mixed Media – First Place

Kellon Collington, Pottery – First Place

Elora Carder, Pencil Charcoal – First Place

Baylee Gregg, Pastel Colored Pencil – Second Place

Autumn Lindsey, Pencil Charcoal – Second Place

Brooklynn Weeks, Pottery – Second Place

Caden Love, Mixed Media – Second Place

Cheyenne Elbert, Pencil Charcoal – Third Place


Choctaw STAR Program Award Winners

Channing Stinnett, 2nd grade 

Jaelan Holt, 3rd grade

Caleb Russell, 3rd grade

Haven Aposhian, 4th grade

Kennedy Matthews, 4th grade

Harley Aposhian, 8th grade





The Grove Indian Education Program is pleased to announce high school students in grades 11 and 12 who are enrolled in the Title VI Indian Education program will receive a Chromebook computer to be used for school assignments and college/ career preparations.  The student will be allowed to take the Chromebook home after the parent and student complete the “Grove Public Schools Student Pledge for Chromebook Use” form. The Chromebook remains the property of Grove Public Schools and must be returned at the end of the school year.

To receive a Chromebook, the student along with their parent need to to complete the agreement form.  As part of the agreement, a $25 annual usage fee will be charged to help meet the cost of repairing and maintaining the Chromebooks. Completed forms need to be submitted to Mrs. Collington.  Device will be issued after the form is completed.  

Grove Public Schools Student Pledge for Chromebook Use Form



The OISHS recognizes outstanding American Indian student leaders in grades 9-12, undergraduate and graduate level college students.  Students must meet the following criteria in order to apply:  (1)  be enrolled in a minimum of four (4) regular courses in an accredited secondary school (grades 9-12) within the State of Oklahoma or be enrolled for a minimum of six (6) hours in an accredited institution of high learning within the State of Oklahoma. (2) must be “Indian” as defined by Title VI, Indian Education (3) must have a cumulative 3.9 GPA average or above (4)  must participate in one or more school, community, or tribal events that demonstrate leadership skills and volunteer service (5) must be nominated by the local Indian Education staff, school administrator, teacher, counselor, parent or guardian, or other community members who can affirm the student’s high standards for ethics and moral character (6) must show participation in Indian cultural activities sponsored by Title VI, Johnson O’Malley, tribal functions or activities, or other tribal organizations (7) must meet qualifications, apply for membership, and pay the $12.00 membership each year.  The JOM program will pay the $12 membership fee for those JOM students who meet the criteria.  Students who are selected to the OISHS will be eligible to apply for the scholarships offered by the Oklahoma Council for Indian Education. There will be an induction ceremeony and reception for those students selected to the OISHS on April 26, 2018 at the Choctaw Casino Resort.  Please contact Mrs. Collington to apply for the OISHS. 


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Upcoming Events

Cherokee Language Bowl 

March 12, 2018               Grades 3-5

March 13, 2018               Grades 9-12

March 14, 2018               Grades 1-2

March 15, 2018               Grades 6-8


Great Tulsa Indian Art Festival

January 13, 2018— Entry Deadline

Event : February 9-11, 2018, Glenpool Conference Center



Five Civilized Tribes Museum’s Student Art Show

February 23, 2018— Entry Deadline

Event Reception: March 3, 2018, Museum Art Gallery, Muskogee, OK


ACT Exam Reimbursement

High School JOM students who are taking the ACT assessment this year need to see Mrs. Collington prior to taking the exam in order to receive the $30 reimbursement for the cost of the exam. Students can visit her during RTI time or email her at After registering and paying online for the exam, print the receipt and give it to Mrs. Collingotn. After taking the exam, the student must provide Mrs. Collington with a copy of the scores or the admission ticket in order to be reimbursed.


Students in 11th and 12th grades need to check your school email for information on joining Mrs. Collington’s Google classroom.  Once joined, please continue to check your school email regularly for important announcements and information about the Indian Education programs and activities.

Senior Caps/Gowns

Senior JOM students can have $30 paid toward the purchase of a graduation cap/gown. The total cost is $39.95. Let Mrs. Collington know that you have ordered. The student will first receive an invoice for the total amount. After that first invoice is generated, Jostens will deduct $30 from the total due. Do not pay the total amount on the first invoice. Deduct the $30 and pay that amount. The second invoice you receive should reflect the $30 deduction for the JOM payment. If the total amount of $39.95 ends up being paid to Jostens by the student, Jostens will issue a reimbursement for the $30 at the end of the year.  If you have not ordered by MARCH 1, 2018, please see Mrs. Collington prior to ordering in order to be eligible for a direct reimbursement from the JOM program.