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Cindy Weaver

Indian Education Director

918-786-3003 Ext. 1107



Kristi Collington

Program Coordinator

Cultural Specialist/Teacher

918-786-3003 Ext. 1124



Paige Yarborough

Cultural Specialist/Teacher

918-786-3003 Ext. 1214



Charlotte Bergman

Indian Education Secretary

918-786-3003 Ext. 1110





Grove Public schools

 Johnson-O’Malley Parent Committee




The Johnson-O’Malley Parent Committee will hold a regular meeting on Tuesday, October 17, 2017, at 6:00 p.m. in the Grove Public Schools Administration Building, 310 South Broadway.  The purpose for the meeting is to appoint persons to fill two vacancies on the committee, elect JOM Parent Committee officers, discuss and possible vote to reschedule meeting dates for the 2017-18 school year, and discuss with possible vote to approve a budget revision. Parents of Native American students attending Grove Public Schools are invited to attend.

For more information concerning the Johnson-O-Malley Program at Grove Public Schools, please contact Cindy Weaver at 918-786-3003 or cweaver@ridgerunners.net.

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Upcoming Events

Cherokee Challenge Bowl

October 23, 2017              Grades 3-5  

October 24, 2017              Grades 9-12

October 25, 2017             Grades 1-2

October 26, 2017             Grades 6-8


Cherokee Language Bowl 

March 12, 2018               Grades 3-5

March 13, 2018               Grades 9-12

March 14, 2018               Grades 1-2

March 15, 2018               Grades 6-8


Cherokee Art/Fine Arts Competition

December 15, 2017— Entry Deadline


Cherokee Creative Writing Competition

January 26, 2018— Entry Deadline