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Grove Athletics

Director of Athletics: Richard Bassett                



Director of Athletics Secretary: Amy Redus


Athletics Office:

300 Ford Road

Grove, Ok. 74344

Phone  918-786-2297 ext. 1017-1018





Grove High School Athletic Mission and Philosophy


Mission Statement


The athletic program at the Grove Public Schools dynamically supports the academic mission of the school. Grove Public School sets high expectations for its coaches and student-athletes. The athletic program at Grove Public Schools will promote interscholastic athletics that provide lifelong learning experiences to student-athletes while enhancing their achievement of educational goals. Our goal is to teach the values of teamwork, pride, respect, commitment, good work ethic, sportsmanship and development of the proper winning attitude. It is our hope that through our athletic programs, participating student athletes will adopt these guidelines and develop a positive winning attitude that will carry over into all aspects of their lives.



  •  To provide the opportunity for student-athletes to develop wholeness through learning experiences that contributes to their physical, mental, emotional, and social growth.
  •  To provide each student-athlete with the opportunity to develop their individual skill and potential.
  •  To provide the opportunity for each student-athlete to learn how to function as a member of a team.
  •  To develop the qualities of good sportsmanship, respect, responsibility, and moral integrity within each student-athlete.
  •  To develop an appreciation of the value of physical fitness and conditioning within each student-athlete.
  •  To teach the student-athlete to accept victory or defeat in a gracious manner.
  •  To teach the student-athlete the value of hard work and commitment.
  •  To provide opportunities for growth and development through athletic competition that will contribute to a successful adult life for each student-athlete.
  •  To develop school spirit within each student-athlete.




Grove Public School considers participation in athletics to be an integral part of the overall educational experience. Athletics provides opportunities for physical, mental, emotional, and social development. The competition of athletics is viewed as a valuable experience because it challenges each student-athlete to strive for excellence, helps each student-athlete discover their physical limits, and requires each student-athlete to work cooperatively as a member of a team. While wining is a natural goal in the pursuit of excellence, the principles of good sportsmanship and enjoyment of competition take precedence at all times and enhance the educational value of all contest.




All Sport Passes can be purchased in the Athletic Directors office at the high school.  Passes are $75.00 for adult and $30.00 for students. Families can purchase All Sport Passes for $175.00 for a family of five. Senior Citizen can purchase the All Sports Pass at the discounted rate of $30.00. Passes are the equivalent of a general admission ticket and will gain you access to any regular season home game. Passes are good for the entire 2017-2018 school year.

Stadium Seat Prices

The cost for stadium seats this year will be $50.00 for the season, or $10.00 per game.  You will be able to purchase the seats for the entire season or by the game.

NOTE: The Athletic Department will not replace lost, stolen or destroyed All Sports Passes free of charge or at a discounted rate.

2017-2018 General Admission ticket prices

High school varsity                   Sport                Adult   Student

                                               Baseball                       $5                     $5

                                               Basketball                    $5                     $5

                                               Football                        $5                     $5

                                               Soccer                         $5                     $5

                                               Softball                        $5                     $5

                                               Wrestling                     $5                      $5

We appreciate all the sponsors from the community and want to continue to receive them.  Please know that Five Star Sports is the company that we use to make all our Athletic Posters and wallet calendars. Five Star gets all the sponsors and then gives the Athletic Department a portion of the monies that they receive. If you receive a call from Five Star Sports please consider being a sponsor.  If you receive a call from any other company we would appreciate it if you would politely turn them down.  If you have any questions concerning this please call us at the athletic department at 918-786-2207 ext. 1017.

Rank One Sports

Starting this year, we are using Rank One Sport, an automated, online paperwork system.  All forms (except physical) will be filled out this way. Included below are the first few steps needed to create an account using .


Please call the Athletics office, 918-786-2207 ext. 1017/1018 or email Coach Bassett or Amy for any questions.

(If you are interested, you may enroll on line at



To set up your account:

Ø  Fill out electronic forms

Ø  Select state: OK

Ø  Select school: Grove Public Schools

Ø  Start on line forms (at bottom)

Ø  Create Account


Thank you,

Coach Bassett